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Oct 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
. this number can be very different, from the government. you hear ride on the road adp seems to be ok. at 4 and 4. a d p is problematic but it shows a slight improvement. it creates more accomplishments. we will see if unemployment falls below 8%. it has been dropping but it is mostly because people have stopped looking for work. let's talk about beer. cheers sales are back up. can you get a degree there? there is probably the jobs there. but experts say that more americans are drinking craft beer. if you have no paycheck you cannot afford to be here so whether is smoking or drinking or gambling it may affect beer sales. i'm going to check out some beer sides to see if they are hiring. >> we had really hot temperatures this week san but it changes finely and store. yesterdays was a toasty who won and we broke several records. it was a hundred and two degrees breaking a record was set back in 2001. let's check out san jose where it reached mid 90's. it has not been that high for quite some long. it is 57 in pleasanton and 62 in daly city. as we see where the numbers go as far as the afternoo
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
be allowed to expire to increase federal government's revenue. >> we have had this discussion before. >> the idea that in order to reduce the deficit, there has to be revenue in addition to cuts. >> there has to be revenue in addition to cuts. governor romney ruled out revenue. >> the revenue i get is by more people working, getting higher pay, paying more taxes. that's how we get growth and balance the budget. but the idea of taxing people more, putting more people out of work, you will never get there. you never balance the budget by raising taxes. >> mitt romney said he wants tax cuts to continue for all americans. president obama pushed for extending tax cuts just for people earning less than $250,000 a year. >>> bay area republicans were watching closely hoping their candidate could connect with the american people. it looks like he did. romney supporters think their candidate accomplished his goal in the first debate. >> i think mitt romney has done a fantastic job making points about his programs and what he has in store for the american people and growth for middle class, and
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
in my life. >> and payne >> an attempt to pack in on classified government network. no information was stolen but they discovered that it was chinese hackers that gained access to the network with in the white house military. this happened when a staffer opened an e-mail. this type is fairly common and there are measures in place to isolate the incident. and protect any sensitive information. coming up. we have your headlines and the golden gate bridge. we are looking at clear conditions. practically a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday. we will get the latest with erica. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> i guess it is safe to say that it is this is totally a different meaning. and i would not pay to see this. and i am just saying welcome to ocean beach in san francisco. if you want your dog to required to have your dog on a leash. you can only let your dog off a leash from the month of may to the month of july. however, for the most part he must be on a leash. that is because you allowed your friends to bury your friends in the sand but do not worr
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
the possibility that it could be taken over by the federal government. >> it is unconscionable and moral for us to wait and lower longer and not-to- morrow for us to wait any longer. >> the mayor. it is not moral for us to wait. >> they're not in compliance with the management of internal affairs. they're not in compliance with use of force. use of force reports there are not in compliance with the span of control having a number of sergeants cureand and they are not supervising the officers and they are not in compliance with a pass. identifying problem officers. >> they say that oakland has had over nine years to implement these changes that to with better identifying problem officers. the attorneys for the city are all to in cour on december 13th. >> in vallejo, the men were shot to death are described by members as the life of that neighborhood. kron 4 spoke to the neighbors. >> this quiet vallejo suburb saying that this shooting could never wear off. there o familiar faces that are dead toward this makeshift memorial is standing where they died. there is a third man that is facing charges
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4